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        天津欧维装饰工程有限公司是专业设计、生产和安装GRC (玻璃纤维增强水泥)、GRG (玻璃纤维增强石膏)、EPS  砂岩 等各种欧式构件及园林雕塑系列产品的正规企业。
       公司总部坐落在天津市著名游乐浴都天山米立方海世界对过的高档龙玺别墅群内,师资力量雄厚  ,生产力强大,具有专业的销售 、设计 、生产、  安装和售后服务部门,且各部门都拥有着高素质的管理人员和技能娴熟的技术骨干,以精湛的技术和高品质的服务为客户创造更经济合理的绿色优质建材!
       公司生产的GRC、 GRG、 EPS等各大产品品种多样话,能体现中式、欧式、现代各种设计风格,能表达出仿石、砂岩、仿真、彩色、做旧等效果,具有典雅古朴、精美逼真、豪放自然、简约现代等各种风格。
  竭诚欢迎社会各界朋友和领导来我公司莅临考察。欧维人本着质量安全第一为己任,价格低廉合理为市场竞争力,服务社会为价值观,务实求进  科技创新为战略目标。与您达到互利共赢,共创辉煌!

     Tianjin Ouwei Decoration Engineering, LTD is a company of designing, producing and installing the products of all kinds of European constructional elements and garden carves, such as GRC ( Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement ) , GRG ( Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum ) , EPS and so on.
   Our company is headquartered in Tianjin in Longxi villas, across from Tianshan cubic meters of sea world. Our productive power is strong and we have professional Marketing Department, Planning Department, Line Department, Installation Department and After-sale Service Department with well-educated members. We produce more economical and reasonable materials for cilents with our consummate tecnology and the service of high quality.
   Our products are multiple, Chinese style, European style, modern style and all kinds of designing styles. We can express the effects of imitation stone, malmstone, simulation of color, worn out and so on. They possess the styles of simple, true, natural and modern ones.
   Welcome to our company. Members of Ouwei regard the quality and safety as the first duty; the low and resonable price as competitive power among the markets; social service as sense of worth; hardworking and technological innovation as strategic objectives. We practice the strategies of mutual benefit and win for all.
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